Real Couple to Make a Post-Wedding Photo Report in Nyc. (Between 29 October until 5 November)

Published by Deiane Unamuno Photography, Photographer

Men and women
All ages
No height requisites
New York
Additional requisites
Be a real couple
I´m Spanish photographer. I´will be in NYC from 29 of October until 5 of November.

I want to make a post-wedding photo report. Days to make a shoot: OCTOBER: 30 or 31 and NOVEMBER: 1,2,3, or 4.

I need a real couple to see a perfect complicity. If you have your own dress and suit it will be perfect because I´m not from NYC. If not, we will have to look for a stylist (maybe you know someone, would be perfect) or a shop to leave the clothes borrowed.
19 days ago
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