Explained lighting schemes
One image is more valuable than one thousand words, but when it comes to learn on lighting techniques, an only image is even more valuable.
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Stop modelling scams
Explained lighting schemes, lighting a face
Light schemes for a model's face explained. What to take care of, common problems and how to solve them.
High-definition and fullscreen portfolios with Litmind
We know you’re a high-resolution geek! You’ll love this: Litmind now shows your photos in extra high-resolution. Your portfolio will look extra-crisp and detailed when viewed in retina and HD displays.
Data protection
Image and author rights agreement documents
Example documents for image and author rights agreements. (In spanish)
Terms of use
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Confusion about the image resolution in digital photography
We try to shed some light on the confusion between PPI, DPI, megapixels, printing resolution and other concepts about the size of digital images
Credits and collaborators
How to do your basic polaroid shots for your profile
Mobile phone fotos, photo-souvenirs or personal photos are not useful for your profile! Follow this steps to learn how to do your first basic photos for yourself.
Nude photography
Legal info
We’re recruiting Litmind ambassadors over the world!
Ambassadors are special users that love Litmind and are keen to help us spread the word throughout the world. We want to make Litmind a really useful and powerful tool for people and companies into photography production all over the world. Litmind is only really useful when there is a big database of users in your country, that’s why we need your help to make it grow!
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