Courses and workshops in Lleida

Training in Spain
Training in Lleida
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Taller fotografía – Parque y Playa – 16 Junio Barcelona
Workshop in Barcelona (Spain), Tarragona (Spain), Lleida (Spain), Girona (Spain) 1 day ago
Shooting Lingerie & Fashion
Shooting in Barcelona (Spain), Girona (Spain), Tarragona (Spain), Lleida (Spain) 8 days ago
Taller Personalizado
Workshop in Barcelona (Spain), Lleida (Spain), Girona (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Alicante (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Islas Baleares (Spain), Málaga (Spain), Sevilla (Spain), Vizcaya (Spain), Cádiz (Spain), Tarragona (Spain) 11 days ago
Shooting Especial 1Er ANIVErSARIO
Shooting in Barcelona (Spain), Girona (Spain), Tarragona (Spain), Lleida (Spain) 15 days ago
Shooting Fashion & Lingerie
Shooting in Barcelona (Spain), Lleida (Spain), Tarragona (Spain), Girona (Spain) 21 days ago
Taller con modelos y Coches – 12 Mayo 2019
Workshop in Barcelona (Spain), Lleida (Spain), Girona (Spain), Tarragona (Spain) 23 days ago
Talleres de Fotografía Privados
Workshop in Barcelona (Spain), Girona (Spain), Lleida (Spain), Tarragona (Spain) 1 month ago
Talleres Personalizados con Jordi Blancafort.
Workshop in Barcelona (Spain), Zaragoza (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Tarragona (Spain), Sevilla (Spain), Navarra (Spain), Lleida (Spain), Girona (Spain), Castellón (Spain), Asturias (Spain), A Coruña (Spain), Alicante (Spain), Cantabria (Spain), Almería (Spain), Cádiz (Spain), Córdoba (Spain), Gran Canaria (Spain), La Palma (Spain), Islas Baleares (Spain), Lugo (Spain), Tenerife (Spain), Jaén (Spain) 4 months ago
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