James Santiago Photography

Photographer in Miami, Florida

Fashion photographer James Santiago specializes in editorial, commercial photography, and model portfolio development in Miami, New York, & LA. An intuitive photographer with a keen eye in seeing photogenic potential, his work is influenced by day dreams and cinematic imagery. Fashion photography is a more challenging art form than other forms of fixed subject photography. With fashion photography, working with models is a challenge when you are trying to get the right emotion from the modelas well as the clothing and location. Working with new faces or under-developed models is even more of a challenge.As a former fashion model himself, He has been in the fashion industry since he was 15.

“I began to work as a scout as I had a keen eye for hidden beauty. When I became an agent, I was able to help new faces develop their “look”. As an agent I was unsatisfied with the prints that the new faces were bringing in from “someone I know who is a photographer”. So instead of whining, I began to set up shoots in order to get the shot that would bring out what I saw in the models potential. So many people have potential but they do not receive the development nor direction that they need to have that look brought out through photography. I envision a shoot as an art, not just taking a photo. I am able to create art that can tell a story as well as look beautiful in print.”

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