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I began to dabble in photography around the age of 20. In 1990-1991 took a mail-order photography course through New York Institute of Photography while I was in the Army stationed in northern Turkey. I felt like being there was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I wanted to be able to capture it.

I continued to play around shooting a variety of subjects through the years. For a time I was a Wedding Photographer second shooting at first and then I shot numerous weddings on my own. I discovered wedding photography was way too demanding and that some clients were very difficult to please and usually demand much more than made it profitable in terms of time vs. money.

Around 2001 with a little more than 10 years behind the camera shooting everything from parties as an event photographer to weddings I discovered I much more enjoyed working with models. During this time I did a lot of (expensive) experimenting with artificial lighting. I constructed my own massive soft-boxes and such and recruited models from a nearby university where I was living in southeast Missouri.

At the time digital was taking off I was still clinging to film. At around this time too I transitioned careers and put the camera down for a few years. While stationed in South Korea however in 2008 I ditched my Sony DSC-F717 for a Pentax Kx. My film camera was a Pentax and I knew all of my old lenses and equipment would work with the new-to-me digital camera. Digital opened a whole new world to me. Allowing for quicker turn-around. Instant results in experimentation. Going digital was a boon to my photography education and re-ignited that passion I have always had.

My whole goal now is to make beautiful imagery with beautiful people, and now that I have pulled my wife, Rachel, into my world and love of photography our focus is primarily in portraiture and boudoir photography up to Playboy style nudes. We continue to learn and grow and strive to make great works.

26 years behind a camera. I started working with film in 1990 when I bought my first camera. I fell in love. I have worked as an event photographer, a wedding photographer, and a portrait photographer.
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