Christopher Abbamondi

Photographer in Middletown, Connecticut

You are either an aspiring or experienced model looking for a photographer who is not only creative and talented behind a camera, but one who is patient, discreet, respectful, experienced, and knowledgeable about the modeling industry. That's where I come in. Hi, my name is Christopher Abbamondi and I have been shooting models and other subjects since 2002. I picked up a camera much earlier than that, but considered it more a hobby until 2013. It all started back in the mid-90s with an artistic incline toward using Photoshop and viewing models in magazines. Often I'd wonder who were the lucky photographers priveleged to work with such beauty. I was envious and wanted to be in the photographer's shoes. I also come from a line of photographers including my dad who was just a hobbyist photographer and my grandpa who was more of an enthusiast who was able to travel the world and photograph some amazing landscapes and locations such as Monte Picchu.

I wanted to combine my heritage, own interests and talents to create a legacy! To do this, I resolved to delve deeper into the photography industry as professional cameraman. I'm in my element when I'm directing models and other clients from behind the lens and then editing the images to retouched perfection!

I also see major problems in this industry between what constitutes a "model" a "photographer" and the BS Artists trying to scam them both. Through setting up workshops and themed group photo events, it is my desire to train, teach, and inform models and photographers alike as to how to break into the industry as a professional without being taken advantage of. This also comes with several price packages and custom comp card and portfolio building as well as networking and exposure opportunities!

NOTE: You may notice that my watermark says "Phoenix Phlash Photography" on my images. There is a good explanation for that. About 4 years ago, my then partner (now wife) and I opened 2 photography based businesses. Phoenix Phlash Photography was slated to become a modeling agency for aspiring models in Connecticut and the surrounding region. Unfortunately it did not take off as intended, so we decided to just close it down and focus on the parent photography business, "Abbamondi Studios, LLC" for financial reasons and to streamline our business plan.
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