Advanced folders

Take your portfolio to another level

Showcase editorials, campaigns and collections in your portfolio

Link the magazines where they've been published, add additional information about the production and tag the garments and accessories. The advanced folders have been designed to show your productions just like they deserve, they will get a lot more attention and will be easier to share.

Tag publications

If your work has been published in a magazine, a web page, a book or a similar media, tag it! It will get a lot more attention and will appear on the new Litmind sections for publications.

Tag clothing and accessories

Give showrooms, fashion designers and brands the credit they deserve by tagging the clothes and accessories appearing in your photos, perfect for editorials!

Appealing look without distractions

Advanced folders are shown much better and attractive in your profile, they're easier to discover and navigate, and can be easily shared; see some examples:
Chantal Thomass Lingerie 2015
Campaign for Chantal Thomass / 2015 by Ellen von Unwerth Photographer
Editorial in Numéro Tokio / april 2016 by Ellen von Unwerth Photographer
If you want, they can show all the relevant information about the production: The client, the team credits, the production date and even a long descriptive text.
Advanced folders also have their own section on the "Discover" menu at Litmind, where they receive a lot more exposure.
Advanced folders are reserved for users with a Pro membership, get yours now to start using the advanced folders and lots of other benefits, make the most out of Litmind!

How do advanced folders work?

Advanced folders take your portfolio to a whole new level, conventional photo galleries will look like a thing of the past!

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