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Travel notices
When you're going to travel, publish a travel notice so photographers there will be notified
The new Litmind messenger
A new way to connect with photographers, models and stylists and coordinate your team for your next fashion photography production
Reveal your true talent by showing the before and after of your photos
Litmind for iOs and Android
Discover the app that lets you plan, produce and promote your fashion shootings
Welcome lightboxes!
Create public or private collections of users and artworks
Commercial jobs disguised as TFP
Video has arrived to Litmind
Tips for organizing a photo-shoot
Advanced folders take your portfolio to another level
Create your comp card with Litmind
The new "Hire a photographer" section
Be the first to discover new users near you
High-definition fullscreen portfolios
The face behind the most influential fashion photographers
Explained lighting schemes, lighting a face
Image and author rights agreement documents
Guide for a better TFP
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