Beauty & Fashion Photo Sessions

Photo shooting, Amelia Wysocki, Photographer

Non-paid TFP exchangeWhat's TFP?
Men and women
All ages
No height requisites
New York
Additional requisites
No physical requirements. If you honestly feel that you are worthy of modeling for a series of editorials, I will work with you.
I am seeking models of all ages and genders (transgender included) for a series of beauty and fashion editorial photo sessions in the Buffalo, NY area. Bring your own wardrobe, and provide your own hair and makeup artist if you cannot do your own to beauty-level specs. Any mainstream or alternative genres will do but your outfits must be high-end and/or couture (not upcycled).

To avoid confusion, since this often happens, Buffalo is not in or anywhere near New York City. Buffalo is on the opposite side of the state of New York. New York is a state. New York City is one of 100 cities in the state of New York.
Photo shooting in New York 15 days ago
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