Create your comp card with Litmind

The comp card or "sedcard" is the business card of a model: You can find on it just a few well-choosen images representing the model accurately, along their most important data and contact information.

A comp card is the fastest way of knowing a model; all model agencies are using them, and are also an excellent tool for stylists and photographers when casting people for a project. If you're a model, you must have a comp card!

Create your comp card with Litmind

If you've signed up at Litmind, you can create your comp card online now, other users and agencies will be able to see it when visiting your profile, and you'll be able to share it in your networks and copy-paste it whenever you want it to be discovered.
Take your time to think on what photos to choose for your comp card, a good comp card can get you a job, but a badly thought one can discard you from a casting rightaway.

What photos do I choose for my composite?

Some golden hints to make your comp card succesful

Create your comp card now
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