Explained lighting schemes

Maurice Mc Duff Studio McMomo, from the canadian photographers association QuebecPhotos, have prepared a set of photos with different lighting schemes, along an explanation and visual schematics for each one of them, explaining how he did them. An excellent opportunity to learn about new lighting schemes and to see how each detail in the scheme its later reflected in the final photo.

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Sobre el autor

Maurice Mc Duff (Studio McMomo), a semi-retired worker who've rediscovered the passion of photography after a long 20 years interlude. He defines himself as a self-taught amateur portraitist working with professional tools. He shares his passion with numerous photographers, models and other artists by supporting a french speaking photography web forum based in Montreal, Canada. Quebec photos. He gives free studio workshops to beginners and help develop new model portfolios: "I wish to become an accomplished artist and I dream to find another Adriana Lima!"

All graphics in this article have been made using the sutdio lighting patterns created by Kevin Kertz, member of the photography website Fred Miranda.

The author of all the photos is Maurice Mc Duff de Studio McMomo

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