Explained lighting schemes
One image is more valuable than one thousand words, but when it comes to learn on lighting techniques, an only image is even more valuable.
Explained lighting schemes, lighting a face
Light schemes for a model's face explained. What to take care of, common problems and how to solve them.
Stop modelling scams
How to do your basic polaroid shots for your profile
Mobile phone fotos, photo-souvenirs or personal photos are not useful for your profile! Follow this steps to learn how to do your first basic photos for yourself.
Image and author rights agreement documents
Example documents for image and author rights agreements. (In spanish)
Terms of use
Nude photography
The new "Hire" section
Eugenio Recuenco
To any photographer, or simply to any lover of good art, taking a deep look to Eugenio Recuenco's work is a humility exam and an experience plenty of astonishment and inspiration, a proof that the art is still strongly present in advertising, and a proof that the fight against commercial priorities every artist has can be win with big amounts of passion, creativity and technique.
Confusion about the image resolution in digital photography
We try to shed some light on the confusion between PPI, DPI, megapixels, printing resolution and other concepts about the size of digital images
Data protection policy
Guide for a better TFP
How to do TFP works on which all the people involved get rewarded, and how to create great connections with your team (in spanish)
She's Electric
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Better full-screen photos and more
Photos now look even better with the full-screen option, and now it's easier to browse long lists of photos with automatic loading
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