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Female Model (& Make-up Artist) for Mermaid Shooting
I'm looking for a female model who loves to be in the sea, preferably with long hair. I have a mermaid fin costume (orange) waiting to be used. I moved from Switzerland to Spain recently and am discovering beautiful spots everyday so I'd love to do this shoot some time (flexible with the dates). The photos will mainly be over water (I have basic gear for underwater, if we wanna go crazy ;) For a make-up artist this could be a great project to try out waterproof make-up and get creative.

I could imagine to do this as a topless shoot (it seems more natural than a shell bra) but I don't insist on the idea if you prefer to be covered. I have a car and can pick you up and drive to the location. I could also imagine doing a series with this, visiting different places (suggestions welcome)

Compensation: all Pictures made + selected edited ones
Musts: Good Swimmer, speak English (or German)
Location: Flexible (I live in Palamos)

I'm not a professional Photographer but I did a lot of shootings back home and it's just so much fun. I like to work as a team, have a good time, try out new things, your ideas are always welcome. If you're interested send me a message and we'll talk about it.
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