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The most typical questions

I want to be a modelSomeone contacted you from Litmind?Have you had some problem with another user?For impersonators and fraudsters

The profiles

How do the stars work?Why my stars have changed?¿What's the logo?What's the profile photo?¿What's the profile?What are shadow profiles?

The user registration

I'm a minor, can I signup?¿What if my activity or my company does not fit any of the profile types?Can I have more than one profile?¿Why is my account awaiting validation?Requirements for companies when choosing the registration emailRequirements for the choosen email if you have a web pageWhat if the account confirmation email does not arrives?

The user login

¿How do I login in my account?¿Forgot your password or your login email?What if I remember my email, but I've lost access to check messages there?

Managing your profile

How do I change my photos, read my messages and so?How do I change the information on my profile?About the information and photos you publish in your public profileWhat's the invisible mode?How works the function to hide your public profile to search engines?I've changed my profile name, why is the older one still appearing on Google?¿How to place my company on the map?How do I change my email address or my password?How do bookmarks work and what they are?What are and how do work the opinions?How do I cancel my account?I've cancelled my account, why is it still appearing on Google?Is my old Fotopunto profile address working?

Your mailbox

How do the unwanted messages work?What to do if someone sends you Spam?What's Spam?Why my messages are being reported as Spam?

The featured users

What's the featured users, and how can I get in there?

The popular photos

Who chooses the featured photos and how are they ordered?¿Why my photo has disappeared from the popular listings?Nudity on populars and latest sections

Your photos

What's the best format and color profile to upload my photos?We do not apply any filters, you're in control of your photosMy photos on flickr and similar look sharper!What are the high-resolution and "retina" displays?How do I know how many megapixels have my photo?What's about the nude photography?What about the image rights of my photos?What kind of image and author rights do I need to publish photos on Litmind?What to do if you've found photos published without your permission?What are advanced folders?Can others download my photos?Photo uploading terms¿What does it means that some of my photos are low in resolution?

Identity verification

What's the identity verification?It's mandatory to verify my identityWhat are differences between the certification and the identity verification?About the mandatory identity verification

The noticeboard

What's the noticeboard?Who will see my ad?How can I place an ad in the noticeboard?What kind of ads are allowed in the noticeboard?Why the ads I publish aren't being sent to me via email?Does my published ads disappear if my subscription expires?

Locations database

What are the locations?How do I add my locations to the map?Can everyone find the locations I upload?What if I don't want others to see my locations?Can I make my photo studio to rent appear on the locations map?We're a locations agency, can we upload our locations here?What are the managed locations?What kind of photos to upload in my locations?


What are the workgroups?Why do I have pendant invitations to workgroups?How can I leave a workgroup?


What are the lightboxes?How to create a lightbox?How to add things to a lightbox?

Plus & Pro memberships

What are the Plus & Pro memberships?How do I switch from Plus to Pro?

Payments via Paypal

Is it safe to pay via Paypal?Can I pay with a credit or debit card?How does Paypal works?Why do I have an additional charge from Paypal in my bank account?

Create your web

Which is my web address?Customize your web addressUse your own domainHow to obtain my own domain name?How to link your domain with your profile?Get help on configuring my domain's DNS recordsWhat are the presets?

Other common questions

Where can I find a reference document for image and author rights?How does Litmind uses cookies?

Common problems

Problems when paying from Germany?Problems when using an ad blocker


What's TFP?What's a TFCD?What's a book?What's a lookbook?What's a test?What's a fitting?What are the polaroids?What's a workshop?The difference between a course and a workshop?What's a shooting?What's a campaign?What's an editorial?What's a fashion film?

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