Problems when using an ad blocker

Of course, you can use an ad blocker when browsing Litmind, we're also not too fond about banners! However, please also consider that banners help us keeping Litmind running and bringing you a great service, we will be so grateful if you decide not to block them on Litmind. We've worked hard to keep banners unobtrusive and lightweight so they won't bother you too much, for example: We don't accept banners with sound, or banners that block your view and force you to close them.

Also, we've found that some ad blocking plugins for browsers do not work quite well in certain cases, and it might be the case that some buttons at Litmind we built using Javascript fail to work, or simply don't appear. For example, the "Like" and "Favorite" buttons.

To prevent this, you can configure your ad blocking plugin to be deactivated when you browse Litmind, or simply add Litmind as an exception. You can do this now by clicking the icon of your adblocker you'll find on the top of the browser.

The Plus and Pro membership, among lots of other benefits, will remove all the banners in your profile for everybody, and in all the Litmind site when you're using it.

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