The new "Hire a photographer" section

Until now, lots of final clients and people who needed to hire a photographer couldn't do it on Litmind because only companies related to photography production are allowed to signup and contact with the photographers.

When a final client (for example, an automobile manufacturer, an electronics or cosmetics brand, or simply a groom and a bride) landed on Litmind to hire a photographer, they couldn't signup to contact him and finally ended searching elsewhere.

Lots of companies have contacted us about this matter, and some of them even tried to signup with profiles in the wrong categories just to be able to contact. We think it's essential and natural to open Litmind to this opportunities, so we've created the new "Hire" section.

How does it works?

The new "Hire" section is very easy to find for final clients when they land at Litmind searching for a photographer; they're now able to search photographers specifically within the field they need: Fashion, advertising, bridal, books, product ...
The clients can contact the photographer by filling a form, via email or via phone, without the need of being registered at Litmind themselves. This way, the Litmind photographers' directory opens to clients in all scopes.

How to be available for hire?

The "Hire" section is reserved only to photographers with a Pro membership. If you already have yours, your profile and your portfolio is already being listed on this section. The messages you receive will be sent to your email inbox straightaway, and Litmind doesn't charges any additional fees for this service, nor for any contracts you get with final clients.

Maybe you prefer not to be available for hire through this section, if that's the case, you can remove your profile from the "Hire" section in your account configuration.

If your portfolio is attractive enough, you'll be catching the attention of potential clients who will contact you thanks to this new section. We'd love to hear your ideas and stories, you know where to find us!
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