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How to start if you don't have photos

Holiday photos, travel photos or personal photos are not the best options for your model profile, learn here how to do your first basic model photos.

If you haven't had any job as a model and haven't yet a book, here you'll learn how to take your first model photos for your Litmind profile by your own. You'll also discover what are the requirements other professionals and agencies expect from your photos when they see your profile.

All photographers, stylists and model agencies need to see how you physically are before choosing your for a job. Bad quality photos, selfies and photos taken with a phone won't be of help. Even worse, bad quality photos make your profile look really unprofessional. Let's see first what kind of photos you must avoid in your profile and in your book:

If all your photos are like the ones above, don't panic! We've prepared this tutorial so you'll learn how to take your first photos that will be perfect for signing up at Litmind and to create your very first, super-simple yet effective book. Read the following steps and follow them carefully:

You'll need the following

This kind of photos are really appreciated by model agencies and stylists, and they're called "polaroids" because they're simplistic, straight to the point, with no distractions, where the model can be clearly seen, just as he/she is in the real life. Even top models have photos like this on their books.

Prepare yourself for the photos

If you're a girl, don't use makeup! The best polaroids are those showing an all-natural model, where your real face features can be seen. Don't worry id you don't find yourself as pretty, remember that polaroids are natural above all.

If you're still not convinced, use just a bit of makeup, simple and very natural. Don't use eye shadows nor eyeliner. Also don't use lipstick.

Let your hair loose, just to see how long you have it.

Don't use sunglasses. If you use glasses, take some photos with them and some others without.

Setup the camera and the room

Take the photos

How to pose? It's actually quite easy, polaroid photos like the ones we want are really natural, so you're not even required to perform complex poses. First, prepare yourself:

Photo 1, completely facing the camera

Photo 2, sideways

Photo 3, three quarters

Photo 4, only your face

Be careful with the following, often fails:

If you follow this steps you'll end up with some improvised polaroid that are perfect to start on Litmind: Model agencies, photographers and stylists will really be happy to be able to see you as you are naturally, clearly and without distractions.

Now you have your whole improvise photo studio ready, why don't you take some additional, not-so-conventional additional photos? If you're able to show different roles, expressions and poses your profile will look a lot better and useful. Here are some ideas:

Upload your polaroids to Litmind

It's better if you create a folder titled "Polaroids" for this photos. On the folder or on the photo description, enter the date you took them so people will know how current they are.


It's not about taking super wonderful photos, but about taking polaroid where you can be seen as you naturally are. This is exactly what model agencies, photographers and stylists want to see when searching for new models, don't miss the opportunity!

If you're thorough about starting your model career, we recommend you to find a professional photographer to start building your book and your polaroids. You'll find thousands on Litmind.

When you're ready, you really should try the noticeboard and of course our castings section!

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