, the new Fotopunto

Fotopunto gets updated and expands to the whole world with a new name

From our begginings back on 2004 as a small blog about photography techniques, our beloved Fotopunto has grown far beyond we ever expected: Not only about the number of people who is using it, but also about the functions and tools that have been created during this time. Fotopunto is now a great community of people around photography production that makes the most of this tools to find jobs and collaborations, to manage their productions and castings, to discover new talents and astounding artworks, to simply get inspired and find out the latest trends in fashion photography, or showcase their creations.
We think this is the perfect moment to unveil Fotopunto to the rest of the world, we want all photographic and creative grey matter on planet to meet here, to be inspired, to discover new opportunities, to grow their limits through our site!
After a lot of hard work, Fotopunto takes this step and changes its name: Fotopunto is now! New lit minds will discover soon; and two minds together shine a thousand times more!

The main questions about the change

  • Only the name changes: Fotopunto is now
  • Your web address at fotopunto will still work forever, so if you published it somewhere or printed it in your calling cards, nothing changes!
  • All your data and photos are still completely protected, of course!
  • Your personal and private information are still perfectly safe under our legal LOPD file: we haven't moved any data, and we haven't shared your data with anyone (we never do!)
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