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“The Loft Studio” se encuentra dentro del barrio de Poble-Nou, perteneciente al distrito de Sant Martín, motor económico de Cataluña durante los últimos cien años. Gracias al Proyecto [email protected], se recuperó la histórica vitalidad económica y social de éste barrio, siempre apoyado en una importantísima base Cultural y Artística. Un retorno productivo que, entre otros, ha permitido a The Loft Studio, recuperar y restaurar un antiguo local industrial. Convirtiéndolo, al más puro estilo loft neoyorquino, en un espacio maleable a las necesidades del cliente, donde, la pátina del trabajo bien hecho, el trato amable, basado en la camaradería del esfuerzo, y la eterna ansia de un barrio vanguardista. Ha convertido a The Loft Studio en el espacio idóneo para producciones fotográficas, presentaciones comerciales, showrooms, etc.

The Loft Studio is located on the edge of Barcelona’s Poble Nou district. The area boomed during the industrial revolution of the 19th century and was Catalonia’s economic engine for an extended period of more than a century before, more recently, suffering a couple of decades of decay. It has always maintained an important cultural and artistic base which, thanks in part to the massive Project [email protected], has flourished anew restoring much of the economic and social vitality that had lost. The recovery and restoration of often neglected or abandoned former industrial premises has helped to fuel the development of fresh, exciting projects such as the The Loft Studio. Designed in the style of a New York loft, this studio is run by a highly professional, friendly young team. It is easily accessible, well equipped, bright and spacious. It has a dedicated area for make-up and hair, a comfortable lounge area, office, a solid internet connection… The Loft Studio is the ideal space for photo shoots, showrooms, etc. or to use as a base for shooting around the city.
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Number of sets
Two sets
Equipment and resources
Flash illumination
Dressing / backstage room
Interchangeable backgrounds
Prepared for very big scenes
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