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Magazine in Lancaster, New York

We produce some content, but most of Nephilim is made up of stunning work, which is generously contributed by truly exceptional creative talent from all over the world. All nations are welcome.

We are currently based out of Lancaster, NY in the United States, but our team and contributors are part of a growing world-wide creative network.

Unlike so many other beauty, fashion and art magazines, we are as far from elitist as you can get and we also have a zero nepotism rule where it comes to accepting submissions. Nephilim offers an equal chance for every contributor to be featured, regardless of sexual identity, orientation, faith or political allegiances, even in times of cold or open war. Some of the best work we’ve received has come from Russia as well as the Middle East.

While we do get a huge thrill out of the publishing of celebrities and high-profile talent, it is our primary mission to shine a spotlight on unknown talent who would otherwise remain in hobbyist limbo. And who wants that?

Nephilim Magazine was founded in late 2017 by Creative Director/Social Media Marketing Specialist, Amelia D. Wysocki, who was also the founder of Strange Beauty and Beautivation. She also worked for Gorgeous Freaks as their ad designer.

We began our run as a blog and then began publishing bimonthly 2-volume print-issues, but the flow of incoming content was greater than we first imagined. So now, we release 3-volume issues, each better than the last.

Content we accept includes beauty, fashion and art related photos, photos and scans of traditional artwork, digital artwork, talent interviews, talent spotlight articles, articles about beauty, fashion, art, pop and geek culture, events big enough to spark international interest and more.

Photo quality must be high-end. Art quality is open to interpretation, but use good judgment. Also, spelling, grammar and sentence structure must be college level. If you are not sure of your written work, you may submit it for review and correction for a very small fee.
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