Acting Assesment: 30 Years old+

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october 23, 2020
New assessment of Non-Union Actors preferably with IMDb credits able to commit to 40 hours of :
1. Monologue
2. Dialogue
3 Improvisation
4. Interview
5. Audition
6. Scene Studies and filming
7. Head Shots ( 1 Session during assessment)
8. You will be provided with "Coaching" on developing characterization for scenes or films.

Goal will be to update Acting Reel for when The NYC starts getting back to Filmmaking. If one of your goals is get eligible for SAG at a later date when you think your ready then you will have additional resources that you will have in your pocket for a complete year. Actors who complete the assessment and stay with the group will be on call list for auditions in the New York City area only.

This project is for 30 year old + actors only, especially for those who attended expensive bogus acting class's or workshops and left out in the cold with not really not knowing what to do next. I would like to also start a teen workshop to see how I can fit a group of teens in our assessment

1. If you have a reel but need more content then it will be included in your acting reel. If you do not have a reel we will provide content for a very basic "Starter Acting Reel". You will for 1 year be able to add or modify your reel as you progress. In the assessment you will complete min. of 3 scene studies or have clips of a film you have done during the 8 week program. The entire process is designed for those have not given up in their pursuit to film acting. It will be an exercise, refresher, practice. My goal is to make you better. "Truth of Self vs Truth of Character.

2. You will be provided Head Shots for one year after your assessment is completed.

3. You will have access to audition tapes for one year when requested by a Casting Director.

4. You will have access to more scene studies for 1 year after you complete your initial 3.

5. You will be provided reality of the Film Industry standards ... you will be a better actor.

Assessment cost is $350 which is refundable only after the Assessment is completed and there are no missed days or late attendance, there can be 1 make-up day in the event of a Medical Emergency only which will require a Hospital Copy of the emergency. You will be permitted to start again in a future class if your payment is become non refundable. Filmmakers need professional attitudes and talent needs to be in constant practice and rehearsal. Min. of 6 per group. Remember .... if you complete the process (no absence or late) and you feel you are no better, you can ask for a refund.

Please email (Google) me your your questions, head shot and a brief reason why you think you can benefit from this assessment.

NOTE: I have 3 shelved scripts, one I would like to consider pre production late Spring. Seriously need Lead 12 year old actress.
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