Call for Submissions | Issue #27

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*We accept nearly all genres (mainstream and alternative) of beauty, fashion, fine art, muscle and fitness, lifestyle, conceptual, experimental, artistic nude, etc. No overtly sexual content. Sexy is one thing, but we don't feature porn. As for the other genres, the more creative and original, the better. But if you can put a new spin on an old concept, go for it! We are all about diversity. We feature people of all ethnic groups, creeds, body types, and ages.
*Avoid cliche themes such as milk baths, sunflower fields, and mermaids.
*Avoid casual and vintage fashion.
*Do not enlarge images to meet our size requirements. This causes distortions.
*Do not include images with watermarks or borders. That's aesthetically unappealing.
*Credit everyone (spell names correctly) who contributed the submission, including the designers of store-bought items such as clothing, jewelry, and props. Do not credit the store itself unless they design under their own brand name. Models, hairstylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, jewelry designers, prop designers, wardrobe stylists, etc.

*Number Of Images: 6-20
*Format: JPG or TIFF
*Color Profile: sRGB
*Portrait (Tall) Size: 8.5×11", 300 DPI
Equivilant to 2550×3300 pixels
*Landscape (Wide) Size: 17×11", 300 DPI
Equivalent to 5100×3300 px
*Images must have never been posted online or published in print.

*Must include a catchy title.
*Must be original.
*Facts must include reputable references.
*Opinions must be educated.
*Must include 800-1000 words.
*Must have excellent spelling and grammar.
*Must include images that meet size requirements. Stock is acceptable.

*Poor quality content.
*Distasteful content.
*Images too small.
*Article too brief.
*Incorrect or missing credits.
*Harassment or unjustified demands.
*Copyright infringement or plagiarizing, which will be reported.

If you make a mistake when contributing credits or need us to pull your submission and need us to fix it, there will be a $20 fee. Recombining the pages of an issue into a compressed PDF file and then republishing the issue is not as simple as edit, save, upload. There is a process involved.

*Standard Submission is always free.
*Priority - $5.50: Submission will be prioritized above free submissions.
*Guaranteed - $35: Your submission will be guaranteed publication in our upcoming print issue and will be shared on our high-traffic Facebook and Instagram pages.
*Guaranteed/Issue - $50: Your submission will be published in our upcoming issue, will be shared on our high-traffic Facebook and Instagram pages, and you will receive a print issue by mail.
*Advertisement - $75: We will feature a full-size ad promoting your products and/pr services.
*Advertorial - $100: We will feature an editorial aimed at promoting your products and/or services.
*Front Cover/Guaranteed/Issue - $200: A photo from your submission will be featured on the front cover, your submission will be published inside, and you will receive a print issue by mail. If more than one person purchases a cover, we will release the issue with alternate covers for buyers to choose from.

HOW TO SUBMIT - [email protected]
*Add all content of your submission (including your credits and our release form) to a single folder.
*Zip/compress said folder for upload.
*Send via direct E-Mail, DropBox, or We Transfer.
*Download the credit form (txt document) and release (JPG) at Add your information to the release form digitally or print and scan/photograph it. Print clearly. Do not use cursive.

Issues will be available for purchase in both digital PDF and sturdy perfect-bound prints. Printing and shipping are provided by MagCloud, an online self-publishing platform, originally developed by HP and now owned by Blurb. Being that MagCloud is a 3rd party company, we cannot offer anyone "free" print issues. If we want print issues, we have to pay MagCloud for them as well. The paid submission options listed above are what fund Nephilim Magazine and keep us going, not the sale of issues. We aim to keep the markup low for the sake of our readers. Markup is anything above the cost of production. We are an independent publication. This means that we lack the financial support of corporate publishing companies such as Pearson and Condé Nast. This is also why we and most independent publishers are unable to offer low wholesale prices.

Contributors will receive complimentary tearsheets of their submission within 30 days of publication.

Have any questions that are not answered here? E-mail [email protected] or message us at
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