Nude photography

Litmind is not aimed to nude photography, so it's not the best place to showcase your work if it's based on nudity or erotism.

Although we cannot check all the photos that are being uploaded to Litmind everyday, we inspect them regularly, and we take into account the reports sent by our users. Photos containing nudity or erotism are deleted except if we consider they meet a very high quality and artistic standard. Photos showing strong erotic contents or pornography, or photos that we consider as inappropriate for the community are always deleted.

Why? We have some strong reasons

We know that erotic and nude photography is a fantastic artistic discipline giving a huge creative dimension to the artist, and that it has allowed for beautiful and renowned pictorial and photographic trends since the very begginings of art history.
However, Internet is saturated by sites aimed specifically to this art. Litmind is a work tool very different from this sites, aimed specifically to professional advertising photography. We do not want it to be saturated with this style of photos because we think it would defeat our main purpose. On the real life, a very small amount of professional advertising campaigns are based upon erotic or nude photography, and a web site full of erotic contents will sadly attract lots of fake users whose intentions are far from those for which we've created Litmind:
Sites like Litmind are kind of a small paradise for scammers and impersonators searching for girls (most of the times) with intentions totally apart from photography. During the years we've been managing Litmind (since 2004) we've found hundreds of terrifying cases related to prostitution, pornography, sexual abuse, impersonation, fake castings, fake model agencies and many more.
Read more about our campaign Stop modelling scams.
Additionally to lots of other actions we take every day to avoid this scams on Litmind, we've decided to limit nude photography, castings and events related to nudity or erotism.
Sadly, there's a big chance that people honestly doing nude and erotic photography become affected by this rules and couldn't signup or upload their great works on Litmind. We hope they understand our rules and motivations!

So, Litmind hates nude photography?

Of course not! Our purpose is to keep Litmind as a workplace strongly aimed to professional photography other than nudity and erotism. We only truly hate the scammers and their bad intentions, and we've taken this decision to keep a great work environment with the maximum possible security level. Please, don't get angry if your work is honest and this rules affect you. We also think it's not fair. Remember that this is a community of thousands of users, and that rules must apply to everyone equally.

Skinography is the responsible network for artistic nude models and photographers

If you're a photographer or a model specialized on nude photography, we recommend you to visit Skinography, it might be interesting for you!

Some of your photos have been cancelled because of this?

Don't get angry! Ask yourself why do you think we have this policies about nudity; it's not our intention to bother you, or limit your artistic expressions. Read carefully this article and the ones we linked below to understand why we're doing this. Now you know that we do not allow this photography styles, and one of our administrators considered that your photo didn't meet our rules. Cancellation of photos won't affect your positioning nor your account status.

Who decides when a photo contains nudity or erotism?

Well, that's one of the biggest challenges we face everyday, and we've learnt along the years that there's no human way to know it for sure: art's subjectivity is undeniable. In practice, our administrators decide when a photo doesn't meets our rules in a subjective way. Of course, that's not a foolproof method, and our criteria it's not necessarily the best.

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