photo: Lana Abie

Our policy about nude photography

We remove the photos, ads and castings about nude photography when we detect them. If our curators consider they're part of a work of exceptional quality, and if it doesn't undermine the purpose of Litmind, we allow them.

Why we do it that way? Because we've learned that if we allow Litmind to be saturated of low quality nude photography, it will become a site to find sexual arousal and to flirt, plenty of users that are not really interested in fashion photography or artistic creation. That's what happened with many other sites, and we don't want that to happen here.

We want Litmind to keep being a community where you can find people with your same creative curiosity and build productive work teams to create amazing fashion productions together.

If you work is focused on nude photography, or if you were planning to publish photos, ads or castings about nude photography, we don't recommend you to sign up. Instead, we encourage you to take a look at, which is a network specifically focused on nude photography that aims to create a respectful community about this wonderful art.
Learn more about our policies around model scams on the Internet, our "Stop model scams" campaign and our official reports about model abuse, scams and other serious cases we've detected here:
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