Photographer in Alicante, Spain


ECOBALANCE: WE ARE MADE OF STARS / ECOEQUILIBRIO: ESTAMOS [email protected] DE ESTRELLAS (ENG) Ecobalance is a set of photo essays about the essential link between humans and nature. The "Eco-balance" series seeks to reflect and recall, from the image and aesthetic experience, our connection, and dependence on our environment. “We are made of stars”, is based on scientific studies on our physic human constitution as well as the origin of water in the universe. This project seeks to raise awareness of this interdependence through the aesthetic experience and the implicit ideas that the image attempt to show. (ESP) “Ecobalance” / (“Ecoequilobrio”) es un conjunto de ensayos fotográficos sobre el vínculo esencial entre los seres humanos y la naturaleza. Las series "Eco-balance" buscan reflexionar y recordar, desde la imagen y la experiencia estética, nuestra conexión e interdependencia con nuestro entorno. Este proyecto busca, concienciar de esa interdependencia a través de la experiencia estética y de las ideas implícitas que la imagen trata de mostrar. With / Con Teresa Hernández. #editorial #Underwater #awareness #ecology #FineArt #fineartphotography

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