Pro photographer in Barcelona, Spain

It's Showtime! - Fashion Editorial for Féroce Magazine

Photographer @damianrazziniphoto
Makeup artist @rafagmakeup
Stylist @yasminshsa

@damianrazziniphoto ©2020 www.damianrazziniphoto.com A new year has just started and you still have to discover your wardrobe's perfect formula. Right? More dinners, meetings and parties are on the way in this new beginning and you know that your wardrobe is the living reflection of your talent and style. The time has come for you to surprise your friends and colleagues with these impressive urban-elegant looks nailed for you. Everyone will be delighted with you wether you are the guest or the host. Get ready to dazzle your spectators! It's showtime! #modelagency #photographer #editorial #Studio #barcelona #photography #Shooting #model #Fashion #Portrait

Muchas gracias, compañero! Excelentes tu perfil y tus trabajos también! 🤗🤙@damianrazziniphoto
excelente editorial : fotos, estilismo y modelo :)) enhorabuena !@bmedia
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