Six productivity ideas for quarantined photographers

Here are some ideas to recharge your inspiration batteries, improve your portfolio without leaving your home and get ready for the action when the quarantine finishes

Review your own portfolio

Compare it against your current tastes and remember the artistic message you want to show the world. You've no doubt improved your technique over time, and maybe even your tastes have changed. Be sure your portfolio adequately expresses your current "artistic self". Sometimes, improving your portfolio is not only about adding new works, but also removing the ones that no longer represent your current artistic personality.

Check those old RAW files again

You might've already come across this: You review some discarded RAW files from an old shooting, and you suddenly find a shot you love. ¿How come I discarded this? We're not afraid when our tastes change, we all improve with time, and maybe now you find those shots that were out of focus delightfully moody and inspiring, maybe you now like the geometry of a crooked horizon, or that beautiful flare that almost covered the entire frame.

Get up to date with the software

Now is the perfect moment to master that technique you always wanted to learn, or to discover how the modern software for retouching, colour grading and workflow can help you with your artwork and your day to day life.

To that purpose, Youtube is a classic! Search for photo retouching and photography channels and you'll get plenty of options to choose from.

If the inspiration doesn't comes …

Go find it: Check the portfolios from your favourite artists on Litmind, Instagram or Pinterest, let serendipity guide you and click on the credits to discover new artists. Do it calmly, take your time, it's an excellent investment of your time!

Plan your next shooting

You're confined at home, and your creative alter ego needs some action. It's the perfect time to calmly plan your next masterpiece. Write down what you want to accomplish with all the detail you can. Add a moodboard and sketches if necessary. The more specific you are, the more surprised you'll be as you discover new ideas and details you haven't even thought of, but are in your control!

Find the models you need and contact makeup artists, hairdressers, fashion designers and stylists you need to create the perfect team. With a great idea, a great briefing and a little passion, your team will be ready for the action once the quarantine finishes.

Back to business

Photography is an essential component that allows the advertising industry to revive and launch businesses forward. The end of the quarantine might very well be a perfect moment to launch that communication action to reach new clients you've been planning, or to reach back to your existing clients offering your help again.

Use this quarantine to build a perfect action plan, gather contacts and create communication contents. Be sure to be there when your clients need you the most!

¿Do you have more productive ideas for the quarantine? Find us on Instagram or Twitter and let us know!

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