november 2019

Statistics about your Litmind profile

Discover how many times your photos were seen, who liked them, click counts, visits, views and much more.
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june 2019

Photolancers connects clients with Litmind photographers

We launched Photolancers, the platform that connects professional photographers and production teams from Litmind with commercial projects from clients.
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in previous years
december 2018

Publish your work in fashion magazines

Inspire the world, push the limits of fashion photography and supercharge your artist career, now you can submit your work to be published in fashion magazines with Litmind.
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august 2018

Travel notices

When you're going to travel, publish a travel notice so photographers there will be notified
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may 2018

Privacy and data protection

Litmind is compliant with the spanish LOPD and the european RGPD regulations
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april 2018

Bye bye banners

Banners are ugly, and Litmind is about beauty. So we got rid of them.
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april 2018

The new Litmind messenger

A new way to connect with photographers, models and stylists and coordinate your team for your next fashion photography production
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march 2018

Reveal your true talent by showing the before and after of your photos

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february 2018

Litmind for iOs and Android

Discover the app that lets you plan, produce and promote your fashion shootings, or join castings and launch your career
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july 2017

Create public or private collections of users and artworks with Lightboxes

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december 2016

Video has arrived to Litmind

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september 2016

Tips for organizing a photo-shoot

You'll find plenty of tools on Litmind to organize your professional or collaboration photo projects from start to finish. Make the most out of them with this tricks.
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march 2016

Advanced folders take your portfolio to another level

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december 2015

Create your comp card with Litmind

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july 2014

Be the first to discover new users near you

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july 2013

High-definition fullscreen portfolios

Litmind is ready for high definition screens like the "Retina" displays from Apple, 4k and 5k screens and high resolution mobile screens; you'll love to discover how crisp your photos look in one of those
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january 2004

Litmind was founded 15 years ago, so many things happened since then! We haven't yet gathered them all on this list, so it's only updated up to the latest years.
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